Never Sleep Visions

Never Sleep Visions

e seek to entertain, teach, and show virtual explorers the many places in world to explore.

Never Sleep Visions is an online community taking place in a Virtual World. Within this environment one may socialize with others, explore, create, learn, goto clubs, shop, teach, hold meetings, play games, and

(Your imaginative idea here _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _).

Never Sleep Visions is a learning group managed by Montelli Vantelli and Ivrai Abramovic. Designing, building, scripting, and having fun is our specialty. Read more »

Designing & Example Home Rentals

Home + usage of 1000 prims $L1250 per wk
Home + usage of 500 prims $550 per wk

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Grandfather Clock Sale
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This Grandfather Clock is an elegant, 3 prim clock. This includes sounds, keeps very good PST time and does not need to be wound.

Awesome & Useful items
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