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2011, Work in're welcome to visit!
Location: Jorgie/133/110/3961

See the link below for the original works.


A Second Life building (see image below) changes its colors, makes objects appear, move, change size and reacts according to the values you will enter through the form. You can also visit Chromutate in-world and directly interact with the building. or use Location: Jorgie/133/110/3961


Tramite questa pagina web puoi interagire in tempo reale con una installazione dinamica in Second Life (v. foto): scegline i colori, aziona le sue strutture, invia messaggi ai presenti. Puoi anche visitare Chromutate in-world e interagire direttamente con gli oggetti che la compongono.

Rez objects?


Click the squares to change the colors of the 6 balls on the panel inworld.

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News & Photo Archive

Chromutate photo by Torley Linden Bettina Tizzy visiting Chromutate & interviewing me Chromutate photo Chromutate photo


Chromutate is a work in progress by Opensource Obscure.
If you're interested in the scripts, please look at the
documentation page or visit the installation in-world and
take a copy of the scripted objects (if permissions are not OK, please warn me).

We are unable to locate the region "LOL" This region may no longer exist, but please double check your spelling and coordinates to make sure there aren’t any errors and try again.

Chromutate uses Grid URL Persister by Latif Khalifa, Color Picker by Flooble,
and LSL http server functions by Linden Lab.
Thanks to Salahzar Stenvaag and for hosting this project.