Never Sleep Visions

Never Sleep Visions

Ivrai Abramovic

Ivrai Abramovic

Ivrai Abramovic first rezzed in September 2007, finding her way around a virtual world called Second Life (with out an animation over rider). Aside from casually exploring this virtual world created by other "residents" she became fascinated with realizing her creativity could go unobstructed. Ivrai quickly studied GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and Blender (GNU suite of tools for 3D creation). She continued her studies and hands on experience for a number of years resulting in:

  • Avatar clothing creation
  • Structural building
  • Texture creation
  • Landscaping
  • Sculpty making (Mesh type objects)
  • Orientation for newcomers

LOOK!! Shiny teeth!

Montelli Vantelli

Montelli Vantelli

Montelli Vantelli also started out as young pixal in September 2007, simply looking around for virtual coffee! What else to do while studying JAVA?

After countless hours roaming the newbie freebie areas of Secondlife, she relized there was a number of creative people busy at designing everything imaginable. A lot of inspiration and curiosity enabled her to be an accomplished slob and mess maker in her own right. Perhaps build a coffee maker?,maybe make a coffee plantation... ahhh with an automatic bean picker! After all it is Second Life with scripting involved! (ah the bean picker could count the beans too!). All in all, imagination is the limit, and here is a vast 3D Virtual world to unleash these thoughts.

Montelli was interested in what makes these virtual objects tick. There was a lot of full permission free objects to learn from.There is LSL, various ways to modify shapes of prims , and ways to apply textures to the prim faces. Prims can also have an unusual shape defined in a program such as Blender.

Wow, let the game begin! ...BRB... Coffee.....

Jorgie East

The Never Sleep Story

Mont, "Have you seen my cow? I thought it was in inventory."

Ivrai, "Yes, actually it just skinned my head as it zoomed by!"

The first settlement in 2007 was in a sim named Sprawler on the Grid of Second Life. It was here that the experiments and learning started with a few RL friends that also joined in this vast world.

What would we build?.. well judging from the size of the parcel we acquired, we knew what ever it was was gong to be tall. How about a castle? Seemed like a perfect thing for this sandbox of ours. During the build process (which lasted a few months) we met a lot of neighbors who were kind enough to return all of our lost things from their nearby parcels, and far away sims. Yes.. freebie cows can fly, most definatly, we just have no idea where they end up until returned. We learned what to do, and what NOT to do during this time. The Castle came out nice, we named it Never Sleep, since we never did sleep for the first 72 hours of our venture.

Message from Second Life, "Your Object COW has been returned to your lost and found folder in inventory by Governor Linden from..."

Wow, lost that months ago.

Never Sleep.