Never Sleep Visions

Never Sleep Visions

Rentals at Never Sleep

Never Sleep has a wide variety of homes for rent. There are many layouts, and styles to choose from, no two are alike. Here is a short list of examples.

Full Rentals

  • Includes a unique home
  • Varible prim usage
  • Full control over video and audio feeds
  • Choice of interior setup
  • Ground location

Sky Box

  • Blank Platform from 30 m X 30 m to 70 m X 70 m
  • Choice of platform texture
Full Rentals

The Altom home is an elegant, contemporary dwelling with a round meeting room / study attached..

Mid - sized


Delecia, which is located on the water is a simple duel level home with a wrap around 2nd level veranda.

Small size


Amelia Home is very spacious boasting a two level outdoor deck, and enclosed patio. This is also located on the water.

Mid - sized


Banynia is a small 2 room home, nestled in the trees. Also has a stable.