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Never Sleep Visions

Virtual Pets


Never Sleep Visions is proud to present the various pets with in the Second Life virtual world. Whether you are into breeding these virtual pets, or just  want to enjoy the interaction, you will certainly have a vast choice on these well done creations.


Below you will find a vast collection of Pets and their respective advantages over each other. This is a constant evolution, where every month there is something new being brought to life (Second Life that is) Never Sleep Visions will attempt to keep track of these changes , providing Land Marks and a short description of each type of pet. The following lists commonality amoung the majority of pets.

Virtual Pet quick look:

  • 1). Has a full life cycle
  • 2). Requires food to maintain life
  • 3). May be breeded for unique traits
  • 4). Can be traded amoung others.
  • 5). Some allow interaction with your avatar

Short list of Pet types

  • 1). Cats
  • 2). Horses
  • 3). Dragons
  • 4). Snakes
  • 5). Bunnies
  • 6). Fairies
  • 7). Spiders
  • 8). Fish
  • 9). Dogs
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